Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nine Blocks

Yesterday I made another three blocks, and today the final three:
The blocks are not yet stitched to each other.

It takes me a very long time to complete one block (about an hour). It seems it's not the sewing that is the slow part, it is the pressing. It takes a while for this:
Horizontal seams straight after stitching

to turn into this:
Horizontal seams pressed with seams rotated to sit flat

Although those two photos were taken only 10 minutes apart, so perhaps it doesn't take me as long as it feels.

It took me another 12 minutes to get to this point:
Sashing added to two sides, all seams pressed, block lying flat as can be.

Next step: assembling border sections.

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  1. They do take a bit of time. I have stitched one way only so far... More tomorrow