Friday, January 20, 2017

Tiny Trees

The TreeProject seedlings have been very slow to germinate this year. Each day I look for some sign of growth, and today I found a couple.

Out of five boxes (240 potential trees) there is now one slender-leaf mallee, Eucalyptus leptophylla, growing:
Just one. But I hope that there will soon be many more! Perhaps the thunderstorm overnight will have triggered mass germination?

Two boxes of moonah, Melaleuca lanceolata, have also begun to germinate:
These teeny-tiny plants look almost exactly the same as the callistemons that started appearing 10 days ago. Not surprising, as they are closely related.

So now there are three species growing (being optimistic about those eucalypts), and three which have not germinated at all yet. The ones I'm waiting on are two species of acacia and one of hakea.


  1. I am so not a gardener. Good luck with your germinations

  2. Love hakea's, have several in my garden the original owners planted, then I put in two pin cushion hakea. But this year with work demands, if I get a chance to plant in autumn, and expect it to live with a lack of attention I will be choosing callistemons. I love the pink flowering ones.

  3. Oh glad you are seeing results of your seedings...hugs, Julierose