Tuesday, January 10, 2017

First Trees

We have 14 boxes of (potential) TreeProject seedlings this year, but there has been no sign of germination yet. Today I thought perhaps I was seeing a slight tinge of green in one of the boxes. The only way to be sure was to take a photo:

And then zoom in:
Definite tiny leaves between the grains of gravel. Hooray! These teeny-tiny plants are scarlet bottlebrush, Callistemon rugulosus. (Although apparently since 2006 the correct name is Melaleuca rugulosa.)  I hope there will soon be another thirteen boxes of germinated seeds.

In between other events today I managed to do a little more work on my quilt:
Two blocks sewn together, with their full complement of border bits. This is a decent-sized chunk of quilt, but after a quick count, I discovered the quilt is still in 47 pieces! Quite a way to go before it is all together.

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  1. Bottlebrushes grow really well on our sandy soil and the birds love them, so hope to plant more this coming autumn. Love your BH mystery quilt, lots of piecing puts me off, but I love watching other peoples come together!