Monday, January 9, 2017


While I've been busy assembling a quilt for the last few days, outside there's been work on the fishpond:
Borders added! Still a little work to be done, but it is looking good.

I've started assembling borders, too. I had already made most of these:
I just had to sew the last seam on the last few, and then it was time to join them to the extra pointy bits, add some sashing,
 and attach the whole thing to a block:
One bit of border done! I'm working my way around the quilt, adding border pieces like this to each of the outer blocks. I find it easier to work in smaller sections like this. The very last thing I do will be to sew the blocks together.


  1. Fishpond is coming together good. So is your mystery... well done...

  2. Very nice mitred corners on the pond. It will be the perfect spot for languid dangling of fingers and toes on a summer evening.

  3. Loving your fish pond, the border seating looks great. Your mystery is coming along well.