Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quilting Completed

This probably looks pretty much the same as the photo from twelve days ago when I had the top all in one piece:
But it is not quite the same, as now it is all quilted.

Here's what I did in the blocks:

And here's a view of part of the back:
At the top in the centre is one of the blocks, and the lower sections on the right and left are magenta stars. Similar quilting in each, but the designs are slightly different. I quilted all the four-patches with continuous curves.

Many people seem to be of the opinion that complex piecing isn't worth custom quilting, as the quilting design doesn't show up. That may be the case, but quilting the same design over the whole surface would have driven me nuts. Just doing the continuous curves around the border was very boring. Quilting different patterns in different parts of the quilt made the process a bit more interesting, and gave me a chance to practice ruler use on a quilt that hides the wonkiness.

Now for the binding...


  1. Really like your block quilting design, took me a while to work it out. You mount a convincing argument for custom quilting.

  2. Oh this came out beautifully--your quilting is lovely..hugs, Julierose

  3. Amazing quilting, your skills are definitely worth showing off.

  4. It's just lovely!! The curves really show off the blocks and stars. I like the way you did the four patches - it softens the rigid lines of the checkerboard and frames the whole quilt.

  5. Yes Vireya, it is definitely worth the custom quilting. It is your work and your choice!

  6. Well done, you have done a beautiful job on your quilt.

  7. Plus you have an amazing whole cloth quilt on the back to show off your quilting.