Saturday, January 28, 2017

Binding Preparation

Adding a flange to the binding of my mystery quilt appealed to me, but I found a couple of sites with instructions for a faux flange, which intrigued me. Here's one, and another. This is a little test I made to try out the concept:
From this I learned that the measurements given make the binding very wide on the front. Also, stitching in the ditch on the front is tricky if I don't move the needle position.

Although the faux-flange binding is all applied by machine, there is a lot more preparation involved than for a normal binding. First I had to make 8 metre lengths of two different strips of fabric:

Then sew them together:

Press them open:
Strip wrapped around a small cutting board, as it was getting tricky to manage it.

Lastly, press it in half length-ways:
Another small cutting board would have been handy about now, but this book worked to keep the strip tangle-free.

After all that I needed to take a break. Tomorrow I will tackle applying it to my quilt.


  1. I like the color of your binding. I have been using this type of binding for a year now. It saves my arthritic hands for more enjoyable sewing. I do cut1 my strips a bit narrower for a tighter binding.

  2. This promises to give a really special finish to your mystery quilt. Love the colours.

  3. Interesting process with beautiful fabrics, they go well together. Look forward to seeing it on your quilt.