Monday, January 16, 2017

Mystery Progress

I discovered a new use for my cutting table today. I needed to press two long seams on my mystery quilt, and doing it on the ironing board was driving me nuts. I'd get one bit pressed, then move the whole quilt to get the next section lined up on the board, which caused creases in previously-pressed sections. So I took the cutting mats off the table, spread the quilt out there, and ironed it there! I wasn't using steam, which might have been a different story, but no damage to the top of the table was apparent. It became a much easier process!

Once the pressing was done, it was time for some pins:
Quilt basted in sections. Don't worry about those wrinkles in the foreground, that wasn't the part I was pinning.

Once the whole thing was basted, I threaded up my Sweet16, and did some of this:
Flower-like shapes quilted over the magenta stars, using two different curved rulers, one for each of the different sized "petals". About half of these magenta stars now have been quilted.


  1. Lovely quilt. I just finished my clues yesterday and plan to start assembling blocks today. The quilting you are doing is perfect. Hope you post some pics when finished.

  2. I love how your curved petal quilting transforms the magenta stars.