Friday, January 1, 2016

Very Happy New Year

Mystery reveal! At around lunchtime today, Bonnie Hunter posted the final instalment of Allietare, this year's mystery quilt. And I didn't even realise, as I hadn't expected the next clue before 4:00pm at the earliest.

Her final quilt looks spectacular!

After completing last week's clue I did some calculations, and this is pretty much the layout I was expecting. I discovered I needed to make a few extra of various previous units to have enough to complete a layout of 4 x 3 of those star blocks, so I made all of them earlier this week. I considered doing enough for a 4 x 4 layout, but decided to wait and see what I thought after the reveal. I'm still not sure. I need to see how my 3 x 4 version looks first.

I cut out the block centres (it was surprising that they didn't have to be pieced) and jumped in to assembling the blocks. It didn't take long to completed my six "middle" blocks:
Not showing them yet!

Then the "star" blocks - I carefully selected units so that no fabric appeared twice in any block:
Clips holding the components for each block so I don't get them messed up.

Started webbing them together:

By dinner time I had all but two of them webbed together:
Piled up, ready for pressing. Once I've got these all assembled, I'll lay them out and decide if that is enough or if I want to add an extra row to make it square.

When we were out walking the dogs this evening we met a teeny-tiny horse:
Is it a pony or a miniature horse?

A flock of yellow-tailed black cockatoos flew over:

It was a very nice start to the year!


  1. Great progress, I am looking forward to seeing your finished 3 by 4 layout. Will you be setting it on point too? Cute horse.

  2. Happy New Year!! You flew through the stitching up of the blocks.

  3. Definitely a miniature horse! We used to have someone bring them to RDA in Mildura so the kids who were not confident to ride a regular horse or pony could get comfortable around the mini ones!

    1. Thanks for confirming that, Dianne. It is the most beautiful little animal. I can undertand kids feeling safer with something so small.