Friday, January 15, 2016

Quilted Heart

Yesterday I pulled out all the distorted stitching I did on Wednesday. It took quite a while, but it was a relief to be rid of it. Today I did all the ditch-stitching with the Sweet 16, which worked much better. Then I started the exercises the quilt is for:
This isn't the first exercise in the class (Continuous Line Quilting by Ann Petersen at Craftsy), but it was the one I was up to watching. I'll have to go back and re-watch the beginning of the class now as I've completely forgotten what was in the early lessons. And run in those threads!


  1. Great work, you must be relieved to get on with the real stitching. It is easy to see how the pattern works because you have used a variegated thread.

  2. It must be so satisfying to be able to do your own custom quilting. The Sweet 16 was a good buy, looks great what you have done.