Monday, January 18, 2016

More Stitching, More Gladdies

Not exciting for anyone but me:
A couple of the early exercises from the "Continuous Line Quilting" Craftsy class.

Meanwhile in the garden, here's the first white gladioli stem:
 which I hadn't shown since it started opening nine days ago.

The second one is yellow:
 The third is another white one:
The fourth one is going to be white as well. And the fifth one got a bit fried in the hot weather last week and might not actually open. So not a lot of variation in gladdie colour this year. But they are beautiful flowers.


  1. Your gladiolus are beautiful. Are you limited in color availability or do you just prefer the yellow and white? They come in so many colors. Your free motion quilting turned out great.

    1. That's just what came out. They were a bag of mixed colours, so they could have been anything, but it seems they are mainly white!

  2. The quilt is turning into a useful pattern library.

  3. The quilting is lovely, I like to practice with small sandwiches. The glads are so beautiful...only white snow here.

  4. Your quilting is great, well done. The gladdies add some lively colour to a bush garden. (p.s. I can finally comment, wifi very slow here!)

  5. Your quilting looks wonderful Vireya! As do the gladdies!