Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Yesterday I pin-basted the class quilt I put together on Friday. This morning before the sun got up, I started ditch-stitching it, ready for the free-motion exercises. But I hadn't done much of the stitching before I realised there was a problem:
 Hard to see the problem there. What about with a ruler (and no flash):
Another section:
The stitching has dragged the fabric along, distorting the whole piece. And it is not just the front that is affected. Here is the back view:
So, I am going to have to pull out this stitching, and try again. Of course it was only after I stopped that I remembered what happened last time I used the walking foot.
And even back in 2010 it was giving me problems: Non-walking Foot.

So I think the main cause of the distortion was the faulty walking foot, but does that explain the distortion of the back? Once I have pulled out this morning's stitching, I will try doing the ditch-stitching on the Sweet 16 instead.


  1. Hope your FMQ is a lot more successful than this set back.

  2. I 've found that stitching really close to the seam--but not in the ditch--on either side works better for me. I got distortion "in the ditch", too...

  3. What I have learned is that for quilting in the ditch the better way is to baste (neddle and tread, with "Z" ) all the area where you will be quilting. This will secure the 3 layers and avoid distortion. Good Luck with Sweet Sixteen. Hugs

  4. I have also got distortion when I have quilted in the ditch. Hope it is not too hard to correct.

  5. ARGH! Feeling your pain! Hopefully the Sweet 16 gives you better results.