Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wildlife Spotting

This Gumleaf grasshopper landed on the road in front of us while we were walking last night:
Amazing camouflage! Not on the road of course, but it looks just like a dried gum leaf. The "hole" near its head looks very much like caterpillar damage on a real leaf, but the last gumleaf grasshopper I posted on this blog six years ago didn't have that. So maybe something tried to take a bite out of this one.

Straight after that a wallaby hopped by, but I couldn't get my camera back out again quickly enough. Here is Jack, standing up trying to see the wallaby over the long grass:

Today as I was driving through Lal Lal township, I was surprised to see a koala on the ground beside the road. He jumped into the nearest tree and climbed up to about head height before I parked the car:
That's not even a live tree! He seemed happy enough to sit there while I took a couple of shots, but as I walked behind him to see if I could get a better shot from the other side,
he quickly headed up higher. Glad I had my camera handy!


  1. Lucky. This reminds me to take a little more notice of grasshoppers. They are obviously more interesting than I thought.

  2. What a lovely koala encounter. Looks very healthy.