Saturday, January 23, 2016

Horizontal Spool Pin

Yesterday I purchased a horizontal spoon pin for my Sweet Sixteen, and today I got to attach it and play with it:
I own a lot of spools of Signature quilting thread that I couldn't use on this machine, because there are notches on both ends of the spool that the thread would catch on. I'm putting this picture here, because the spool pin comes with no instructions, and I couldn't find a clear photo on the internet showing how to thread the machine using this pin. There is only a video on the HQ website. So for anyone else who can't watch videos online, here's what you do! Put the washer between the machine and the nut to attach the pin to the machine. Then the thread comes from this pin and straight to the 3-hole tensioner. You don't have to take it back through any of the thread guides at the back of the machine. I found I had to lower the tension on the top thread to get a balanced stitch using thread on this pin.

Some of my stitching:

Bit hard to see that one, sorry.

Earlier in the week I came across a news picture of interesting ploughing a farmer in South Australia did to protect his topsoil after all the vegetation on the farm was destroyed by a bushfire. You can see the picture here:
Patchwork Ploughing

I thought it could make an interesting quilting design, so here is a little bit I did to try it out:
With a bit of practice to smooth out the unevenness, I think it could make a nice filler design.


  1. A useful attachment. Love the quilt pattern on the grey, and your plough stitch is looking good.

  2. Your stitching looks great! The ploughing inspired design is cool.