Thursday, January 28, 2016

Allietare Times Three

Three different quilters, three different colour schemes:
Mine is on the left. Joy's beautiful quilt at the top right is made with Bonnie's colour scheme, but in brighter tones. Jeanette's is in front. Jeanette's colours aren't showing up well in this lighting. Her triangles are more teal than blue in real life, and her chartreuse "neutrals" look a bit washed-out in my photo. In real life they sparkle!

Here are mine and Joy's held up beside each other. You can see that my blocks are larger than the pattern:
My 4 rows of star blocks are only slightly shorter than Joy's 5 rows.

It was lovely to see three versions of the quilt together!

Added later:
Bonnie has a final link-up for this mystery here:
Allietare final link-up
Check out many many more variations on this lovely pattern!


  1. Great fun to see these together, maybe we have inspired some more to be made.

  2. Don't they look great and all so different.

  3. They're all fantastic! I love how each looks so different - beautiful color schemes!