Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blocks in a Top

Ready to sew the last seam:
to put together the two halves of Allietare! I'm a bit late for the link-up this week, as I've been busy making a few more blocks to turn my quilt into a square. No borders yet, but here it is hanging on the line:
As I explained in the post where I chose my colour scheme, the colours are based on the view from my sewing room:

I tried to get a photo of the quilt and the view, but there is even less blue sky today than when I took the above photo in November:
But apart from the lack of blue sky, I think the colours represent the landscape fairly well.

I'm not sure what I will do about borders. Because of the measurements I used (3cms to Bonnie's inch) my blocks are about 20% larger than the pattern. So this quilt is about 1.8m square. I don't want to give it a very wide border. Not even sure what colour/s to use for the border/s. What do you think?

Some years ago I formulated "Vireya's Law of Scrap Quilts", which states that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will sew two pieces of the same fabric beside each other. Here's the proof:
In fact, if you look closely, that same neutral fabric appears in three different blocks in this photo!

And here's a little something I added to my quilt:
The central block has red corners, to represent the crimson rosellas which visit my birdbath every day.

Go and check out all the beautiful quilts at the Quiltville link-up this week. This has been a fun mystery, and everyone's results are wonderful!


  1. Your colors worked out beautifully.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  2. Your experiment paid off, Vireya, it looks great! And it exactly has the same feeling as your view. I love the wide range of greens you used, it gives it great light and shadow. Maybe it shouldn't have a border? It could just blend out to the horizon, same as your photo. Congratulations!

  3. I like your take on this one, it IS very similar to the colors outside your window. That will make it even more special to you. So pretty!

  4. Glad you highlighted Vireya's Law, it explains a lot! Great quilt.

  5. Very refreshing! I'm glad you put your spin on it, and it will be unique.

  6. Looks great, the colours match your view from your window. I like your colours much better than what they were recommended in the original pattern. Nice to put your own spin on things.

  7. Oh I truly love your color choices for this quilt...this really makes it your own! So lovely...hugs, Julierose P.S. just how do you sew so fast??? I cannot do that at all....

  8. I was late linking up too and surprised not to see yours posted. Glad all is well - you've been busy stitching. LOVE your colors! Borders are something I'm pondering over too. And Vireya's Law always rings true - no matter how hard we try. LOL

  9. Your colors are great! Very nice job!

  10. Your choice of colors worked out beautifully.

  11. Your Allietare is so pretty!! I love your different colors. I'm about to start working on mine again after recovering from Christmastime and illness. :D