Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This morning the sun came out for a while, which meant that our solar hot-water system could be installed:
Matt the plumber on the roof with the rep from the manufacturer.

And Robbie the excavator could do the preparation work for the dispersal field for the waste-water treatment plant:
He had to dig down 30cms or so, break up all the earth, spread 300kg of gypsum around, then add soil and level it all out so that the pipes can be laid tomorrow.

Here's Matt on the roof, installing one of the evacuated tubes into the rack:

But the sunshine didn't last. Before he was finished, he was being pelted with hail:

It was a very cold day, with little sun in the afternoon, but even so the temperature of the water in the tank climbed 5 degrees. There is a data-logger attached to the system, so we can monitor the temperature on the rack and in the tank, and various other functions. Graphs will be produced!

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