Thursday, September 17, 2015

Odds and Ends

Here's the laundry I forgot to take any pictures of on the day the cupboards were installed:

That's not quite all of it, there are a couple of drawers and one more top cupboard to the left.

Yesterday the shower door was installed:
Later in the day I locked the keys in the car which wasn't fun.

Today I was getting ready to go to the site when I was asked to bring the kitchen mixer tap with me. I had been looking at the wrong document, and thought that was something the builder was supplying. So I had to rush out and find one straight away. In contrast to when I selected the bathroom taps, this had to be a fast decision. There were about 20 kitchen taps displayed at the supplier that was recommended by the builder, but when I said I needed it today, that eliminated most of them. Of the five actually in stock, one I didn't like, two were lower than I wanted, and of the remaining two, one had a more comfortable lever handle, so that was it! Decision made in less than one minute.

Today Andrew the plasterer (a lot of Andrews have worked on our house) came back to finish off cornices around the cupboards:
The plumber and an electrician were also on site, finishing off a few tasks.

The mop brigade: Dan the builder and his daughter Ellie
getting the floors ready to be sealed on the weekend.

 The chooks seem happy enough in their new home. Each one of them laid an egg today:
And a couple they laid yesterday became part of the tradie's barbecue lunch today:

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