Monday, September 14, 2015


The chooks now live at Lal Lal:
Temporarily lodged inside the car bay of the shed. They will get dirt to scratch eventually, but for now they are on concrete.

The second big arrival today:
Our kitchen and laundry cabinets! They will be installed tomorrow, but were delivered in the warm sunshine today because rain is on the way.

Piles of cabinets stacked up for tomorrow.


  1. Exciting progress on the house.

  2. Hope the chooks are really safe from foxes - more important than somewhere to scratch.
    How exciting to have all the cupboards arriving

  3. Oh Vireya!...New exciting is that!..Oh, I'll be sure to follow along to see the progress..
    Your chickens are Beautiful.

  4. I am getting excited for you as the progress of the house goes along. Love the chook house, safe and dry.

  5. So glad the cabinets didn't get rained on. The choose look content.