Monday, September 21, 2015

Nearly There

Over the weekend Dan the builder gave the floor two coats of sealer. Here's how it looks now:

Today Tony continued with the kitchen tiling:

And here are the people responsible for our beautiful house:
On the right, our architect, Helen Bernard of Unicorn Architecture in Daylesford. On the left, Stephen, designer at Unicorn. And in the centre, the man who brought the plans to life, builder Dan Whitmore of Whitmore Constructions in Ballarat.

There are still a couple of large things to be finalised (and the rain hasn't been helping), but by the end of the week the house might just be ours.


  1. The floor is great! I love the kitchen tile colors. And these 3 people are fabulous, of course. Now if the weather would just cooperate! So very close...

  2. Wasn't it lucky you found such a competent cooperative team and the house is looking great.

  3. Congratulations on a successful build and having a great relationship with the team, quite an achievement as it does not always happen like that. Wishing you buckets of happy years at Lal Lal.