Friday, September 4, 2015

Barbecue Lunch

Today we put on a BBQ for all the hard workers. But we didn't have to do the cooking; Ben the apprentice got that job:

Dan gave us a lesson in how to open a can with a power tool:
But I wouldn't recommend it as there were quite a few steel shavings in the beetroot when he was finished.

Here's everyone enjoying their lunch:
Dan the builder, Tony the apprentice, Robbie the excavator, Andrew the electrician, Ben the apprentice, Ash and Chris the painters.

The house looks like it is just surrounded by dirt,
but elsewhere on the block, greenhood orchids are starting to flower:

Yesterday I talked about colour choices with Helen the architect, and today she brought along a painted-up board for us to see how the colours we discussed would look against the bricks and the floor. We peeled back some of the plastic that is still covering the floor:
Looks good!

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  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed the BBQ. Can't wait to see the greenhood orchids in full bloom. I agree - the colors look good!