Friday, September 18, 2015

Boots Off!

No boots in the house today!

Chris the painter and Ash the apprentice painter finishing off the kitchen in their socks:
Ash is the only female tradie who has worked on our house.

I check out the colour of the floor in my sewing room (in my socks):
Not bad!

In other parts of the house, the mopping is still in progress:

A bouquet of spring, a gift from the garden in Ocean Grove:
Bluebells, sweet peas and freesias. Beautiful perfume! Jenni, if you are reading this, the sweet peas are the next generation of the seeds from your garden.

Dan the builder's office and storage area was loaded up and taken away today:
Which opened up a new view of the house:

Tony tiled above the vanity and in the laundry:

And at the end of the day, Ben and Dan started work on the kitchen tiles:
It's been a big week!


  1. Wow the house is looking great! Like the tiles, like a Mondrian painting!

  2. Vireya, I've been catching up on reading your blog posts and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your house's wonderful! It looks great!!

  3. want be long they will be through, know you will be happy

  4. So beautiful!, oh, it's going to be such a Lovely house.
    and I really like the color of your sewing room floor..warm & earthy..Love it.

  5. A little bit of "spring in a vase" is in your new home. After all those industrial smells of building, it must be lovely to have some fragrance. Will swap some more sweet pea seeds when my lot flower.