Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cat Eyes

What a beautiful spring day! I did four loads of washing, and they all dried on the line. How amazing is that? It's funny how over winter you get used to having to bring in still-damp washing at the end of the day and put it near the heater to finish drying. And then suddenly you don't have to; you hang some towels on the line, and when you come back with the sheets an hour or so later, the towels are nearly ready to bring in. It is like magic! Or is that just me?

Anyway, between all that washing, and marveling at warmth and sunshine, and walking dogs, I managed to get in a little sewing time this afternoon. I got Mr Lion's eyes made:
There are 21 little pieces of fabric in that small achievement. They were a bit fiddly, but the finished eyes do look rather lion-like to me.

Here they are in context:
Only a very small part of the whole block! The bottom pieces were done on Wednesday. After finishing the eyes I made the piece of mane on the right, but the last bit of sky there is sewn crooked so it doesn't cover the seam allowance. I will have to pull it out and re-do it, which is not fun as I use a very tiny stitch for paper-foundation piecing. Anyway, the month is nearly half over, and Mr Lion is nearly half finished, so I'm not late yet.

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