Thursday, September 3, 2015


Our house is sitting in a sea of mud today!

Partially that is due to all the rain we had overnight, and partially because a big earth-moving machine
has been doing its thing, excavating and earth-moving all over the place! Mostly that is to get the right levels for the dispersal field for the waste-treatment plant, but some has been to change levels so that water flows away from the house rather than towards it in heavy rain. And that fire still burning is the remnants of all the fires so far. The excavator moved them all into one pile this morning, and they burst back into flame.

The paving all round the house was finished today,

including making the ramp to the front door wider. When I looked at the photos from Tuesday, the ramp looked too narrow for someone like my mother to negotiate safely. I asked for it to be wider, so this morning they had to do a quick bit of jack-hammering to break up some of the new work, before the next load of concrete arrived.
Andrew the concreter washing down the new concrete to give an "exposed aggregate" finish on the wider ramp. And look, the screen doors have been installed as well! They came yesterday apparently.

Inside, the tiles in the shower recess are going up:
Ben the apprentice has the fun job of turning my drawing into reality.

You may remember back in April I wrote about my NBN (National Broadband Network) connection. Or about how I was still waiting for it, anyway. Well when we got back to the unit tonight, look what was in the letterbox:
Good news indeed! With only a couple of weeks until the new house is finished, I can finally arrange a broadband connection here.


  1. Good news about the rain, how is the tank going?

  2. Oh you can forward that rain over here--we are in a terrible drought in SE CT shoreline. It's like a dustbowl when we mow the lawn....looks like things are moving along well with your house...hugs, Julierose

  3. The house looks amazing with all the paving done. I LOVE how the shower tiles came to be from your drawing. Making the ramp wider was definitely the right call. And only 1 burn pile to deal with now - that's a win!

  4. Fantastic design for your shower. Just think, that much less to do before moving in.