Friday, January 18, 2013


Another purchase that arrived this week included the two front rulers:
I already owned the one at the back, which I purchased in a quilt shop somewhere in country Victoria over 10 years ago. I'm glad I bought it when I saw it as I have never seen it anywhere since. It is designed for cutting "half-square" triangles. Doing the Easy Street quilt showed me the usefulness of a "quarter-square" ruler, so I started looking for one in centimetres. When I (finally) found one, I bought the 15cm square one at the same time, as the one I already own which is that size has only black markings and they are wearing off.

These rulers are made in the USA. Then the German parent company distributes them in Europe. I purchased them from an online retailer in England, who don't normally ship to Australia but were nice to me because I couldn't find anyone else who would send them here.

I'll spare you a rant about the difficulty of obtaining metric rulers in Australia, and just say that it is a delight to  now be able to use a ruler which has my preferred seam allowance built in to it!

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