Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blocks Done

I've assembled all Easy Street's blocks. Here's the last few in progress:
That's the makings of eight blocks; four that have been ironed, and four that haven't yet. I kept the block bits under control with the little plastic clips you can see at each end. I clipped the five strips for each block together as I made them, and they stayed clipped until the block was all done. Otherwise I think I would have been going crazy with so many pieces!

The next step would be to assemble the blocks into one whole quilt top, but I'm contemplating making it in sections for ease of handling. That will take a bit of thought and planning, so the blocks might stay just blocks for a while.


  1. I love how the colours are working out.

  2. I'm assembling in sections. It seems to be working OK so far for me. That's a good idea with the clips. I need to pick up some of those. They are perfect for that!