Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Skip Rescue

Walking past the end of a R.O.W. I noticed an interesting-looking bit of greenery sticking out of a skip. I had to take a closer look:
A huge bromeliad! Why was someone throwing out such an amazing plant? I wanted to rescue it, but how to get it home without a car?

The answer involved a quick walk home to get my old shopping trolley:
Much easier than trying to carry such a huge plant all the way!

Later at home after a bit of a drink it looks pretty good:
Aechmea fasciata (fasciata - bound together, according to my new Latin book)


  1. Wow--that's a great rescue. Long life and good health to your new big bromeliad.

  2. What a great find, to buy one that size in the shops would cost a fortune, well done.

  3. Amazing - all I found in a skip today were some manky pots...

  4. What a magnificent find Vireya! The flower on it is gorgeous :-)

  5. Wow! What a great find!! It is so lovely!
    And I love your Easy Street! Finally having the time to wathc all of the participants.... ;)
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Great find, but i can also see some other things on that skipper that would have been handy...

  7. great rescue. I really like your shopping trolley.