Monday, January 28, 2013

Good-Bye to Spotlight

My local Spotlight is closing down at the end of this week. I popped in today to say good-bye to the place.
I worked in this store for a while back in 1990. Some of the staff I worked with then are still there. One lady I used to share my morning-tea breaks with has been there for 27 years. Fortunately she (along with many other staff members) is being moved to another shop rather than losing her job.

Good-bye Spotlight! I'll miss you.


  1. That's a worry, after slowly taking over all the little fabric and haberdash stores now Spotlight is closing. Very sad :(

  2. Just as Kaite said, Spotlight also indirectly caused the closure of many smaller fabric stores here in Brisbane, so it's a shame to hear that they're closing in your area. (maybe not profitable enough?)I live about 200m from a Spotlight store and would miss it, if it went. Are you reasonably close to another store?

  3. That's a shame that they are closing. I hope you managed to find a few bargains before they shut the doors for good.
    My closest Spotlight is about 50 km away. I hope the next closest store isn't quite so far away from you.

  4. I'll miss it too. Hopefully I'll get down there for a farewell visit in the next few days.

  5. My local Spotlight is closing too, soon. There is a new (bigger, better, more amazing) store opening up, another town further away. Hopefully it will be as good as they say, so it is worth me traveling that far. Sorry to see yours going.