Friday, January 25, 2013


There has been no rain for weeks. The street trees are drooping and the smaller ones are dying. Many people's gardens look parched, scorched, nearly dead. Without supplemental water my garden would be dying too.

Today the forecast said there was a 60% chance of rain. The sky was overcast, and looked as if it might send us some moisture. To tempt it, I washed and hung out some bargain fabric I picked up which will become the backing and border of my Easy St quilt.
But it didn't work. Still no rain here.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of weeks without rain... We live in a rather wet country..; the Netherlands...
    Hope there will be rain soon!!
    Love the fabric you purchased.... I also love a bargainhunt... ;) It will do great as a border and backing for Easy Street!
    Love, Ria.

  2. Lovely colors for the backing of Easy Street! How is your tranplanted bromeliad doing? I do hope you get the needed rain and hahaha Yes! Hanging laundry always tempts the fate :-)

    HdWen on PR
    :-Dee on

  3. We've had a very dry January here, where it is usually one of our wettest months (winter), but we are now finally getting some rain and will have it off and on for several days :) We've also found that when we finally decide to wash the car...then it will rain.

  4. It rained as we were heading up to the Patchwork Teahouse, Warburton yesterday. My car wipers made a dreadful noise as they scraped the windscreen, they haven't been used in a while. But we didn't get any rain on our side of the city. At the moment, bucketing the washing machine water onto the garden.

  5. It was like that here in Brisbane for the last 2 months...but not now! It's pouring, and king tides are expected on the coast too. Hopefully that rain will arrive your way soon.

  6. Have you tried washing the car? that usually does it. Seriously tho, that's a long time without sky water, we've had a couple of storm which helped and are expecting another one any moment now. I hope you get some tomorrow.