Saturday, January 12, 2013

Five Not-So-Easy Pieces

My Easy Street quilt top is now in five pieces. I'm intending to quilt each section individually before joining it all together. To get an idea just how big it is, I spread the pieces out on a queen-size bed:
It was a bit dark by the time I took the photo, and the flash couldn't really cope with such a large area. But at least I can see how big the finished quilt will be. I can also see that if it was going on a bed of this size, it probably would need a border as well...

(Just noticed this is my 999th post!)


  1. Looking good and yes, large :) I think some borders would be a good idea to tie it all together even if you weren't compelled by the size issue.

  2. It looks good. I am a cheat with mystery quilts. I like to have an idea of the finished quilt. I have downloaded Easy Street. I really like the B/W part, but can see how I might change the coloured sections. Thanks for all of your 999 posts. i am only up to 62 on my blog although I started in 2009.

    1. Thanks! If you check out the finished tops on Bonnie's link-up, you can see some fantastic colour schemes.

  3. Your photograph may have dimmed the colors a little but from the photo above it looks like your colors are very subtle - and the blacks and whites make the whole quilt sparkle!

  4. Yes I think an inner small border and an outer border would do just fine for a queen size bed. I like your quilt and you have done a good job. I am trying to think how I will quilt mine as I do it on my sewing machine.

  5. Beautiful Vir!!! I'm quilting mine on a sewing machine too but have extra tables to set up around to hold the sheer weight of this hahaha Everyone's is coming out Amazing!

    HdWench on PR and
    Dee Cee on

  6. That looks amazing. You've done a great job with it.