Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pick Up

The car was back on the road just in time for the last TreeProject pick-up day:
Two kits this year! They fit in the car empty, but when they are full of trees it will be a different matter.

There's lots of variety, with seven different species, some of which I haven't grown before. One needs refrigeration before sowing, three need heat treatment, and three need smoke. One of the smoke ones also needs to be waterlogged! So they are already interesting before the first tube has been filled with soil.


  1. Vireya, I've checked back on your other posts about this topic and have found it absolutely fascinating. What wonderful work you all do!

  2. My goodness not just watering and feeding. The somke and waterlogged sounds like the life a river red gum on the Murry River. Keep us posted on the progress.