Thursday, January 3, 2013

Easy Street - Revealed

Easy Street is no longer a mystery. Bonnie released the final part of the instructions on Tuesday evening our time. I've added an Easy Street button to the sidebar that you can click on to go to Bonnie Hunter's site.

Here is mine so far:

It looks a bit brighter in real life. This is a quarter of the final quilt. It's not all that I've done, but it is as much as I can fit on my design wall at once. I do still have a few of the large blocks to piece. I haven't joined these blocks together yet, they are just pinned up beside each other. Once I've made them all, I'll decide how to proceed. I think I will be quilting it in sections, as there is no way I could quilt something this big on my little Lotus. The largest thing I've quilted so far was a single-bed quilt, and it caused me pain, but this just would not physically fit through the machine.


  1. Looking good! I have one more seam on my "A" blocks, and have only laid out the "B" block. I used a different color-way, so will be interesting to see all the end results.

  2. So much to consider here, looks fabulous too.

  3. It looks great. It makes me want to be at home sewing instead of working .... err ... well ... at work looking at pictures of everyone's Easy Street! LOL