Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hanging Garden

Amazing hydroponic tomatoes at a nursery I visited this morning. Their pots are the dark things about halfway up the right-hand side of the photo. From there they grow horizontally across a steel mesh. I don't know how they taste, but they look fantastic!

And something else amazing 88 days before Easter:
Tonight in the supermarket; hot cross buns.


  1. Gorgeous tomatoes! and I'm resigned to the Easter buns being a seasonal items ;)

  2. What an interesting image, and method of growing, of tomatoes. Almost prettier than a Christmas tree.

  3. Those tomatoes look amazing! I would never have thought to grow them like that.

  4. Clever idea, i'd like to taste them just to compare. I wondered when the hot X buns would be arriving, we actually like them here, tasty for brekkie.

  5. Hi Vireya!
    I couldn't help myself - just for the fun of seeing the family's reaction- I bought a pack of Hot Cross Buns on New Years Day... MARKED DOWN!!!