Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Doors, Dishwashers, and Degrees

This morning the third part of my birthday present was installed:
The top half of my Mr Ed door! Now visitors don't have to see my sewing mess the moment they walk in the front door, and I can shut the door when I want to be left alone to concentrate on something. The back of it could be handy for a pin-board, too.

This afternoon we put a new dishwasher in the unit:
Which was a bit easier said than done. Fortunately Harvey Norman (where I bought the new one) were happy to take the old one for metal recycling, so I don't have to make another trip to take it to the tip.

Some time in the last few days I managed to find time to organise the next step of my temperature year quilt:
I had pieced this already, but it needs numbers embroidered. I experimented with fonts and font sizes to get some simple numbers in the size I wanted. Then I traced them onto this piece (faintly visible to the right of the strip of colours).  At the Waverley quilt show I purchased the stabiliser recommended for embroidery by Marilyn of the Patchwork Teahouse (at her final sale before closing forever and retiring properly). So with the stabiliser fused to the back, and after a dash into Spotlight this afternoon between rain showers to get some floss, it is ready to go.


  1. Your thermometer looks great! Good idea!

  2. Happy Birthday Vireya ,wow what great gifts,hope you have a lovely day xx

  3. So annoying that appliances are no longer made to be repaired. And leaving the gap where the dishwasher used to be is not sending a good signal to potential tenants. Good thing it was a reasonably painless operation.

    Good font choice. Stem or backstitch?