Tuesday, June 19, 2018


We had a little touch of frost this morning, so I decided it was time to dig up my dahlias:
None of them have done brilliantly in the places I planted them in spring, so I will try them somewhere else next year.

Then I looked back through my blog to find out when I had dug them up last year, and was amazed to find that it was on exactly the same day: 19th June!


  1. Well done, a change of position may be just what they need.

  2. We had them in Lancefield and they grew huge. I never dug them up until I wanted to split some and put more through my garden. I did dig one up and planted it here. I find they take a couple of years to settle in.

  3. A cold day to be out in the garden. Hope you had your thick socks on inside your boots.

  4. I love dahlias. I had to buy some new ones this year because I forgot to dig them up in time last fall, One of them has yellow/orange flowers. But I noticed that the squirrels had eaten the blooms.

  5. (I forget to put my own comment on all the time, too--what a drag, huh?)
    Anyhoo, I have never had luck with dahlias...but they are so pretty I do want to try again...
    Hard to take in that you are going into Winter and we are in Summer heat now--77 F degrees this morning at 7 am...it'll be another scorcher...but, new color for the temp hexie yay!! Glass half full mode.... ;))
    hugs, Julierose

  6. How funny. Hope they do better next year.