Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Birdbath Visitors

Recently I have been enjoying watching little birds hopping around in the front garden, and using the birdbath:
These photos are of superb fairywrens, Malurus cyaneus. We used to call them "blue wrens", but at this time of year they aren't blue. The males will grow bright blue and black feathers for the breeding season in spring. At the moment all the birds are dull coloured, so I can't tell which are the males. They move very rapidly so are hard to photograph. They are vigorous bathers, though:
Can you see the water droplets flying in all directions?

Check out the fluffy feathers on this little cutie:

To give you an idea how tiny these birds are, here are a few previously blogged birdbath visitors for size comparison.
A crimson rosella:

An Australian magpie:
And a kookaburra:


  1. Love to see the native birds.

  2. We were inundated by male blue wrens at rose garden this morning, they are becoming game, hopped by our feet. It must give you a lot of pleasure watching them bathing.

  3. I love watching our birds at the birdbath too. I didn't know what a kookaburra looks like. It was a favourite song of the kids in my special education class.

  4. They are all delightful, big and small.

  5. It's always lovely to see the various birds visit the birdbath

  6. I love seeing the birds using the baths. It's great to see them splashing and the little drinks they have