Monday, June 4, 2018

A Year at a Glance

Here is 53 weeks of top temperatures:

A reminder of the colour scheme, with the counts of days:
   45.1 and over     black             0, fortunately!
   40.1 - 45             purple           2
   35.1 - 40             magenta        5
   30.1 - 35             red              24
   25.1 - 30             orange        59
   20.1 - 25             yellow         65
   15.1 - 20             green          54
   10.1 - 15             aqua/teal   123
    5.1 - 10              blue             38
    5 and below       pale blue      0, also fortunately.

One of these counts is wrong because I am missing one day somewhere, and I don't feel like going and counting them all again right at the moment. But it is accurate enough for you to see that one third of my year was in the aqua/teal range!

The bottom corner will have an explanation of how the days are arranged in each hexie, the temperature chart in the top left needs some numbers, and there will be a top border saying something like, "Daily top temperatures at Lal Lal 27/5/2017 to 1/6/2018".

I will link this to Sarah's Weather Report post later in the week.

Here's the link-up.


  1. The mode may be aqua/teal but after a quick bit of spreadsheeting, the median is green and the mean is also green! Unless you take the top value in each range and then it is yellow. So much warmer than you think.

  2. Oh this is really a neat quilt...great job...hugs, Julierose

  3. A pretty way to record the weather. The completed quilt is lovely.

  4. Your temperature Hexie s look fabulous together....

  5. It looks wonderful Vireya. They are a great way of remembering the weather. Imagine doing another one in 10 years to see how temperatures have changed..

  6. It is gorgeous Vireya. ♥

  7. This looks great! I'm working on the finish finishing of mine, but it isn't as fun as the weekly blocks.

  8. WOW!!! it is beautiful, 53 weeks certainly flew, I can remember you doing your first week.