Sunday, June 3, 2018

Waverley Quilt Show

Waverley Patchworkers held their exhibition over the weekend. Theirs is always a show worth seeing, so I took the long drive to get there. Actually it was longer than it might have been, as I detoured to collect a friend who I knew would enjoy it, and then took her home afterwards.

When we arrived we made a bee-line for the café area to revive ourselves. As usual, the refreshments were outstanding, and included several gluten-free options which was appreciated by my friend. As we sat and ate we could peruse the "Birds of a Feather" challenge entries which were hanging in the café area. Here are some that I really liked:
The spinebills above were very striking. Compare them with the real thing as seen in my garden last week. I think the maker did a fantastic job, and wasn't surprised to discover the spinebills won the viewers' choice. Below you can see the beautiful hummingbird made by a friend, which I had seen in progress and loved the final result, and some very whimsical birds which were runner-up in the challenge.

This view from one of the entrances to the main part of the exhibition shows that there was quite a range of different styles of quilt on display:

Just a few that caught my eye:

I've seen lots of versions of Lucy Boston's "Patchwork of the Crosses" quilt, but this is the first time I've seen one made in traditional batik fabrics (rather than quilter's batiks):

Close-up of one block:
The quilt is called "Lucy Goes to South-East Asia", and was made by Trudi Byers. I love it!

I always like to look at the quilting, and this stood out as a lovely complement to the appliqué:
One small block on the prize-winning "Caswell Quilt" by Rivka Waxman, quilted beautifully by Leanne Kaufman.

Here's a small section of a quilt designed, constructed, and quilted by Linda Steele; "A Time for all Seasons":
I was interested in how Linda handled the feathers on the inside of the circles, as that's something I've been working on lately. It was no surprise to find out later that this quilt won the viewers' choice. I didn't photograph the whole quilt, but you can see it on the Waverley blog here. I'm sure we will be seeing it again in one of the bigger shows.

The last photos are of another quilt designed, constructed, and quilted by the same person; Jennifer Wilkins' "Travelling Kaleidoscopes 3 - Heavens Above":
I loved the quilting, and the couched embellishment:
And the borders:
Check out the back:

Congratulations to everyone involved in putting on this wonderful show!


  1. Thank you for coming all that way and for such a comprehensive report.

  2. Stunning quilts--I Love that spinebill--just gorgeous...thanks for sharing these inspiring quilts...hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful quilts and that bird one really makes me remember of the ones in your garden.

  4. Vireya some how I sighnedout and couldn't comment. Ugh
    However some how I am back and really appreciate the view of other quilters work.
    Glad their was lots of machine quilting for you to see this time.

  5. How beautiful! It's amazing how creative quilters are!