Saturday, December 16, 2017

Quick Mystery Unit

Late yesterday I thought I really should make some sort of effort towards Christmas decorations, so here it is:
Wreath quilt on the wall, tree skirt on a table, and a mini fake tree. And lights!

Part four of Bonnie Hunter's mystery went live some time overnight. It was the first thing I looked at when I woke up. The unit has more triangles, but as I've been having triangle trouble the last couple of weeks, I wanted to avoid triangles if I could. I knew there was a "no triangles" method of making this unit, but couldn't remember what it was called. Once I found it, I also found that I used it a few years ago for a previous mystery.

First step, lots of cutting:
But no triangles.

Then some sewing,

some chocolate,

some pressing, and some more sewing, and some more pressing, and I had this:
Still no triangles (except the chocolate).

The next step to make this week's units would be to cut my rectangles something like this:
The pencil isn't at quite the right angle, but you get the general idea. However, I am not going to cut these units apart yet. Of course I don't know what Bonnie has planned for them, but it is quite possible they could turn into something like this:
And if so, it would be a lot easier to sew on the neutrals before cutting the rectangles apart. I will wait and see!

If you want to try this method, you can find instructions by searching for "Mary's Triangles" or "Shaded 4-Patch". Here's one blog post I found with good diagrams.

This clue was much quicker than the last one! Now I can do some of the other sewing I need to finish this week.

Here's Bonnie's link-up for this week. Check it out!


  1. You have more decorations than I do! I can't believe how quickly December is passing. Thanks for the triangle info. I want to try this.

  2. Great chocolate colours in your units.

    A really good way of dealing with triangles, thanks for the link.

  3. love your little lighted wreath--we just have a small tabletop tree this year with some fiber optic lights...those parts look tricky on BH's mystery--good plan to wait and see...hugs, Julierose

  4. Thanks for the triangle info. I always have trouble with them and plan on trying this method.

  5. That's so clever. I agree, a little tired of
    sewing triangles. And my hands are very tired of cutting them . I'm just doing a minimum of pieces so I can see what it goes together like.

  6. I wish I had read this before I cut all mine out last night.... bahahaha

  7. Awesome tip! Thank you so much for sharing. ;^)

  8. Wonderful tip! I'd been trying to figure it! Thank you and Merry Christmas! -Jean

  9. Great units, and super way of doing it. I did it Bonnie's way, and that was so fast and easy. BTW: Your link doesn't work in the linky party.

    1. Thank you! I've re-done the link and it is working now.

  10. THANK YOU!
    Hey Vireya, I spent way too much time yesterday trying to find this 'work-around'(I knew there was one). I am still not getting anywhere fast with last week's clue and now have to stop and decorate a Christmas Cake!!!
    Cheers Wendy.

  11. Ahhh, the chocolate method. . . Why didn't I think of that?

  12. I did the units the traditional way, and yet it was much faster than clue #3! Specially as I just finger pressed the seams instead of ironing so that I didn't distort them. Thanks for sharing your tip!

  13. Our quilt group had just done a mystery with exactly the same construction... so my part fours that are sewn are looking just like yours!

  14. Thank you for reminding me of this technique....I saw it demonstrated in a magazine a few years ago and had forgotten about it. I'd much rather construct Part 4 using this method that cutting and sewing triangles. Just found your blog...I will enjoy going through the archives. Blessings from West Virginia, USA.