Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy Summer

Here it is, the start of summer, and the weather bureau are warning that today and the weekend will deliver "unprecedented" rainfall, with widespread flooding. Here's the weather radar from early this morning. I'd just been outside to let the chooks out, and came in to see how far away the rain was. The Bureau handily include Lal Lal on the radar map. Look to the west, just north of the centre line, between the 100km and 50km lines. It turns out our first lot of rain was just about to arrive:

One of my quilting groups was planning to hold our end-of-year break-up tomorrow, but it has been postponed for a week due to the weather warnings and recommendations that people don't travel tomorrow. There is a high likelihood of flooded roads, and disruptions to public transport. So tomorrow I will stay home and work on the second mystery clue instead, which will be released overnight some time. And because I'm using the treadle machine, it won't even matter if we lose power in the storms.

Here's week twenty-seven of my temperature-based year quilt:

Not as warm overall as last week, although Thursday was our warmest day so far:

1/12/2017      20.4    yellow
30/11/2017    32.2    red
29/11/2017    33.7    red
28/11/2017    28.9    orange
27/11/2017    20.1    yellow
26/11/2017    25.1    orange
25/11/2017    29.6    orange

And although we are now officially in summer, the coming week is going to be significantly cooler. There are no orange or red days in the forecast, and one day which could even take us back to aqua!

Linked to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report, where all the northern hemisphere folks are starting to feel the cold.


  1. This week's temperature block is stunning! I hope you are spared the flooding.

  2. Hope you stay safe and dry...
    Great Temperature Hexie.

  3. Happy Summer, my friend! I guess now you'll have the temp transition we were talking about - back & forth, up & down. Please stay high & dry. Treadle On!

  4. So far so good here in the Wimmera, we have had the severe warnings removed, and only 16mm of rain Friday at our place. Was up to 40 mm in other places though, so we got off very lightly. Can see more coming on the radar though! Hope you are snug and dry with the power still on. I cut out a new quilt top last weekend, but very tempted by Bonnies mystery, especially when I see it on your blog! Still this is my last free weekend for awhile, so trying to not give in to temptation!

  5. Your sunny block really shines. Rainfall to 9 am in Warranwood was 43 mm, so the big wet did come and more expected.

  6. We have been ok up here. Not as bad as they expected. I've got a sewing day today. Have planned on helping a friend with her mystery. She is trying Bonnie Hunters for the first time . I'll give part 2 a look in.. Happy sewing.

  7. You can send some of the rain our way. Stay safe.