Friday, December 8, 2017

Aqua Returns

This week does not look like summer:

It didn't feel like summer, either! This is week 28 of my temperature-based year quilt. Here are the daily maximum temperatures at our place, which determine the colour of each day's hexagon:

8/12/2017    17.7    green
7/12/2017    19.8    green
6/12/2017    19.6    green
5/12/2017    17.0    green
4/12/2017    14.0    aqua/teal
3/12/2017    12.9    aqua/teal
2/12/2017    11.5    aqua/teal

Nothing very warm about that, was there? However, after this return to cool colours, the week ahead is likely to include yellow, orange, and red days.

Not linking to Sarah's Weekly Weather Report, as she unfortunately has internet problems this week.


  1. Nice fabrics! The weather can be so fickle!

  2. I sometimes think just wetting your finger and holding it up to the wind is the way to go to see how warm/cold it is out there....BUT i LOVE your little weather hexies--looks like your warmer weather is dragging its heels....
    We are hearing that it's going to be really cold here and we're bracing for our first big snow event tomorrow..I must say i like your aquas--even though I know they are most likely hard on your flowers...;((( hugs, Julierose

  3. Back to Aqua & Greens?! I was hoping to see more yellow & oranges this time. We've gone from an unseasonably warm high of 60F(15.5C) over the past weekend to a cold high of 32F(0C). Definitely chilly for both of us.

  4. I would happily go back to double digits, we had our first snowstorm overnight and DH is out clearing the driveway. By shovel because the snowblower ran out of gas soon after he started. Arrgh, winter

  5. Beautiful colors! What a Fabulous idea of rotating them.
    We had 6" of snow yesterday, so beautiful.I Love it.