Friday, December 15, 2017


After lunch today I was gazing lazily out the window and noticed something moving along one of our pathways between the trees. I couldn't immediately tell what it was; I didn't have the right glasses on. But suddenly it hit me, and I grabbed my camera and phone and headed out to lodge another report with Echidna-CSI:
Of course it dug itself into the ground when it heard me approach. We've seen plenty of evidence of echidna activity around the block, but it is rare to see one wandering around. This may be the second one we've seen, but I think it is the first one I've photographed actually on our property.

This week has been quite a contrast to the previous one, temperature-wise:
Last week (week 28) on the left, this week (week 29) on the right. Here are this week's temperatures:

15/12/2017    27.2    orange
14/12/2017    25.1    orange
13/12/2017    36.2    magenta
12/12/2017    29.9    orange
11/12/2017    24.2    yellow
10/12/2017    23.5    yellow
9/12/2017      21.8    yellow

A lot warmer all week. Wednesday was the first hot day of summer. We skipped right over red to reach magenta! Magenta is for temperatures between 35.1 and 40 C. (95 to 104 F).

I took the above photograph outside, as the colours in the flash photos taken indoors never seem to be quite right. Below is an indoor picture of the whole 29 weeks so far:

I'll have to take the whole thing outside one of these weeks, and get a clearer picture.

Sarah has her internet problem sorted out, so I can link up to her Weekly Weather Report once again.


  1. You are so lucky to have a resident echidna and all the other lovely wildlife.
    The colours you have chosen for your 'weather quilt' are stunning.

  2. What a little cutie. I have two of them in my garden, and can see them from time to time in the summer. Your hexies are beautiful, it looks like you've had cold weather for a while.

  3. It's so special to see an Echidna.. we've had one on our verandah and saw one recently waddling across the road into the bush...
    Your temperature hexie chart looks great.

  4. That's so much fun seeing the colours change. Get ready for some hot ones. I think we have a 39 & 43 coming

  5. The echidna is a special visitor, hope it stays around. Things are hotting up at your place.

  6. Wow you get some great wildlife at your place!