Thursday, December 21, 2017

Flowers and Night Birds

Daylily "Ginny Mitchell" which last flowered in 2011:

The roses are fantastic this year.
One of these roses is "Just Joey", and the other is "Brandy". I think Just Joey is above and Brandy is below. But I could be wrong!


Red hot poker looking amazing:

Spotted while out walking late in the day:
Two southern boobook owls, Ninox boobook. Their red eyes are from the camera flash. The place they roost during the day is above a road, so the droppings that accumulate underneath them are a bit of a give-away to their location. But they aren't easy to see, even when you know they are there.

Back at home, the two tawny frogmouths (Podargus strigoides) last seen across the road, spent the day sleeping on our block today:
I presume it is the same adult and baby, anyway.


  1. That daylily is gorgeous! Your roses are blooming like gangbusters - so pretty. I always love seeing your bright colors of summer.

  2. Love the colours. Getting a steady view of white here. It did melt two days ago but then snowed again yesterday.

  3. Lovely roses, mine are having a second flush.

  4. The owls are marvellous. I love that they can fly silently, quite eerie when one flies through the garden at night.

  5. Your garden us amazing. Love these photos.