Tuesday, December 26, 2017

More Seedlings

A few more of our TreeProject seedlings are growing. This is our seventeenth year as volunteer growers, raising plants from seed for re-vegetation projects around Victoria. You can read details about how the scheme works on the TreeProject website.

Grey Mallee, Eucalyptus socialis, sown on 5th December, first seedlings up on 24th:
Almost too tiny to see with the naked eye. Actually impossible to see without my glasses!

Moonah, Melaleuca lanceolata, sown 6th December, seedlings first noticeable 24th December:
Had quite possibly been up for a day or two before they were large enough to be seen, as the gravel was quite disturbed even though I couldn't see the plants.

Wallowa, Acacia calamifolia, sown 7th December, first seedling appeared 20th December:
But it was the only one, so I wondered if it was a stray seed that got mixed up in the wrong packet. But five days later more seedlings appeared, and they looked the same:
So it looks like that early-bird seed was in the right place after all.

Now there are only two species left to germinate.


  1. Really, seventeen years! Lots and lots of wonderful big trees all around Victoria thanks to you.

  2. Many thanks on behalf of the environment for 17 years of trees, trees are beautiful structures of nature.

  3. Nice to see the wee trees sprouting up!