Monday, December 4, 2017

Bright Spots

We now have the full shade sail in place:
But the sun has barely come out since it was installed! We sat under it with the neighbours and had a drink this afternoon, pretending it was summer.

Despite the wintery weather of the last few days, there are lots of bright flowers around the garden.

Daylily Black Plush
There are many different daylilies in the garden, but there are also a lot of slugs. The flowers are a bit munched before they even open. I am patrolling regularly, and picking off the slugs to feed to the chooks. So I hope there will be some nice flowers to photograph before summer is over.

This canna was a surprise bonus that grew out a patch of clivias we were given. It didn't manage to flower before the frosty weather last year, but this time it has started much earlier:

The abutilons are covered in flowers this year:

A white penstemon:

We have paper daisies in a few different colours:

My hanging baskets have grown a lot, but nothing is actually hanging from any of them yet:


  1. You have such beautiful colour in your garden. My cannas haven't flowered for years. The leaves come up, it looks promising and then nothing. I am tempted to dig them up.

  2. What a lovely spot to sit and view your garden flowers...enjoy hugs, Julierose

  3. Very pretty. I have canna's and its amazing how they just pop back up again after the winter, and multiple like nobodys business. I have tried hanging baskets, but use the coir fibre liners which is my downfall, they dry out too quickly and the plant dies and then this year the birds dismantled them for nests! Your planters look much more sensible, so I had better try again!

  4. I love paper daisies. I tried to grow some this year from seed but lost out to the cat. She thought the flower bed was a litter box.

  5. Abutilons require so little and give so much, love the soft pink one. The garden is really filling out, glorious colours.

  6. Your colorful flowers are gorgeous.

  7. You have such a lovely garden full of flowers...
    The sun will be out soon for you to appreciate the sail