Wednesday, December 2, 2015


More painting. Shelves today:
Came up with the idea of loading them onto the short set of uprights in the background, so that they could dry there, rather than spread all round the garage. Good idea in theory, but putting the shelves into that "drying rack" while they were covered in wet paint wasn't fun. Just as well I was wearing old clothes.

Discovered this spider living on the back of the garage door:

Fortunately I saw it rather than brushed against it while I was moving my painted bits around. I don't want to experience the excruciating pain this site describes. Or have to call an ambulance to get me to the anti-venom.

Something nicer to finish:
Another couple of the rescued daylilies flowered today, and these ones are plain yellow. Summery!

(The post title is because I was sure it was Tuesday all day today.)


  1. We get a variety of these "widow" spiders here too (with the red hourglass on the belly). The make the hair on my arms stand on end. Occasionally we'll go out on night patrol with a can of spider spray and a flashlight - they're quite prolific in these dry climates, both outside and in the garage. Ours have very thick, sticky, irregular webs and even touching those make me cringe.

  2. I haven't seen a red back spider for a long time. Now that we are not having much rain, they will be out in force at my place.