Sunday, December 20, 2015


Today we all waited.

Jack and Dot stretched out for a sleep on the stairs:
The weather changed in the early afternoon, bringing lots of rain, and not the fierce winds originally forecast. It was a more gentle, and very damp, change. So we waited for the restriction on returning home to be lifted.

At about 4:00pm, the warning was downgraded to Advice. Advice that the fire is still burning, but not spreading beyond the 4600 hectares already burnt. It is not a current threat to nearby communities. So we packed up the cars, and headed towards Lal Lal. Unfortunately 5kms from the town:

There was a road block. The police had not yet been given authority to let people back in. So we waited. A lot of people waited:
There were about 15 vehicles parked around the intersection, waiting. Others arrived, but drove off, perhaps to look for another road that was open. While we were waiting, we did receive notification that our electricity supply had been restored, which was good to know.

Finally, at about 5:15, we were allowed back in, but only if we could prove we lived in Lal Lal. Guess who hasn't got around to changing the address on her licence yet? Fortunately someone else in the family has.

So, we are home, we are safe, we had a very interesting weekend!


  1. That looks like an MQ Triton in the background?

  2. Hope you are well and safe at home and that there is no more fire danger around. That's so scary. Take care. Hugs

  3. So glad to hear you are all ok--be safe...hugs, Julierose

  4. Glad to hear all is well and you are back home.

  5. Glad to hear everything is ok, scary start to summer. But looks like the dogs are pretty relaxed about it all!