Monday, December 21, 2015

Fire Aftermath

This morning we walked to a spot not far from our place which has a view across some of the area affected by the bushfire on the weekend. It showed us just how close to home the fire came. The closest burnt areas are only 2 or 3 kilometres from us.

Burnt grass on the right, and burnt trees in the background. The owners of that house with the green roof up on the hill must be thanking the CFA today. The house is surrounded by burnt bush, but seems to be intact.  We know others were not so lucky. About 14 houses were destroyed by this fire.

Cows grazing beside burnt pasture, with lots of burnt bushland in the background.  Imagine what this view was like on Saturday.


  1. That is very scary Vierya. Nothing worse than wild fires.

  2. Oh goodness--what a disaster! So glad that you and your new home escaped--and sorry for those who didn't. Scarey!! I can only hope that your Christmas is wonderful and your New Year will be safe from Mother Nature's angry moments....hugs, Julierose