Friday, December 11, 2015

Tree Skirt

On Tuesday I put up my Christmas tree, and asked if anyone knew of a pattern for a tree skirt that was smaller than the ones I'd seen.

A few people sent me ideas, so thank you to all of you! I also found a pattern that while large, could be easily made smaller. Here's the page:
Piece N Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt
It's basically strips sewn like a giant log-cabin block, so you can stop whenever it's the size you want.

On Wednesday night I attended the Ballaarat Quilters' Christmas dinner, and my Kris Kringle gift was 3 FQs from Emma Jansen's fabric range Terra Australis. Just last week in Geelong I bought myself a few FQs from the same range. It occurred to me that these fabrics plus white would work for the tree skirt. So this afternoon, I ran this up:

I can see now I should have looked for a flat surface to spread it out. It is straight in real life! The pink spotty fabric is not part of the range, but I threw it in because it matches the pink lizards, and adds a bit of variety. In real life the colours are a bit brighter than in the photos.

In this close-up, you can see some of the fabrics:
My Kris Kringle FQs were the green dots, the "spinning top" gum leaves, and the green and aqua fabric of the outer border.

And here is the top in place under the tree:
I don't expect it will get quilted and finished before this Christmas, but I've got a year to get that done before the next one!


  1. A pretty skirt, white sets it off well and it can be used at other times of the year too. Emma Jansen is a very talented designer, heard her speak about her work a couple of years ago.

  2. It looks very pretty, Vireya, but Jeanette once again your blog does not like me.