Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pretty Things

Crimson rosella at the birdbath:
Slightly better shot than last time.
At first the rosellas would take one quick gulp of water before taking off, but they seem to be getting more confident. I'm sure the one in the top photo was looking right at me, but it took several drinks before flying off.

Also today I put up my Christmas tree:
It looks like it needs some presents around it, doesn't it? Or maybe it needs a tree skirt if I can find a pattern for one small enough. Anyone seen a pattern that isn't huge? I only need something about 50cms (20") across.


  1. I finally put my tree up, for the last couple of years only put the top half up but decided to do both sections. Now it's looking like Christmas.

  2. Beautiful rosella, they'll appreciate the bird bath all the more in weeks to come. I learned yesterday that birds don't have blue pigment in their feathers, we see blue because of the way the light is scattered by structure of the feather, and green is yellow pigment with blue structural colour. Great having a daughter teaching in a gifted program for Preps.

  3. Wow the Rosella is a beautiful bird, so precious living near the nature. It is my plan put my X-mas tree up today. About your question, take a look at this pattern: http://www.polkadotchair.com/2009/11/new-tutorial-tablerunner-tree-skirt-up-at-moda-bake-shop.html/ and the size it can be adjusted as you need, Hugs

  4. Oh, Beautiful Rosella, striking color..I think your Christmas tree is lovely..Do you have a small quilt you could drape around the base?

  5. What a beautiful bird! How lucky to get visitors like that. Hey, your Allietare colors are so pretty.