Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day Moments

How do you gift-wrap a door?
My "Mr Ed" door for the sewing room. That should keep dogs out.

Strawberry Santa:
I've never seen these before, but when I got home I googled it and found heaps of variations on turning strawberries into Christmas-related goodies.

I usually wave to these three chooks as I go past:
But this time I just pointed the camera at them.

We had to drive through the fire area on the way to lunch. At the southern edge of the burnt area there are two houses apparently undamaged, but with their gardens all burnt around them. Fantastic work by the CFA to save them. I don't know if these nearby hay-bale people were set up by the owner of one of those houses, or of the undamaged building in the background of this shot:
Their signs say, "Merry Xmas", and "Thank you".

Elsewhere today fires have caused the evacuation of a few towns in the holiday areas on the coast, and there are reports of up to 60 homes lost already. Let's hope no lives have been lost.

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